Louis Pasteur said,” Without laboratories, men of science are like soldiers without arms.” The innovative and playful minds of children can do wonders when guided and encouraged to discover new ideas. A science lab offers various opportunities for students to think creatively, develop techniques, and explore their interests.

Therefore, a science lab is essential for students to learn and explain scientific facts and theories. With this view, K.R.Mangalam World School, one of the best international schools in New Delhi, offers a well-equipped science laboratory for students to understand different concepts of science.

A science lab allows kids to carry out science experiments with various scientific methods and instruments, while also having fun. Some of the benefits of a science lab for students at KRM are that they give an opportunity for hands-on-experience to the kids. A lab gives students a chance to formulate their own ideas and make them workable in the real world. If a student has some idea in mind, they can try to implement it in a proper manner in the lab and make it successful. This way, they get a chance to know whether their ideas are practical or not.

Our students in a science lab are encouraged to come up with hypotheses and experiments around a particular topic. This teaches them how to solve problems and think critically. It also encourages creativity, as they have the opportunity to use their imagination during experiments. Experimenting in a science lab helps students develop better memory power. There is always an active involvement of both hands and mind while experimenting as opposed to rote memorization of facts. When students have an understanding of concepts, there is no longer any need to remember what they read or heard. Science labs promote critical analysis skills by putting forth various points of view from which one can draw conclusions. This improves their analytical skills and prepares them for future challenges outside the classroom too.