Bharti Mathur
In the recent times, we have faced innumerable challenges and experienced our share of adversities too. The pandemic has no doubt hit us hard but it has also unlocked our true strengths.

As the child enters the teen years, the pace of academics is gradually accelerated. The student's intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth is strengthened.

Throughout these formative academic years, the institution's consistent effort is to prepare students for the real world. At KRM, Students are encouraged to question, hypothesize, analyze and be creative.

We not only motivate our students to get better grades, but also teach them character building lessons, instill lifelong skills and help students develop social skills. While focusing on communication skills, we also aim at developing critical competencies such as collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in students. All these are vital to a human being's life and being able to function effectively in a real-world scenario. The interminable spirit of KRM prevails to provide quality education to all; to build a motivated community of responsible citizens engrossed in propagating a harmonious, just and equitable social order and equipped intrepid endurance to face real-time challenges of the global world as stated in the New Education Policy. Our approach towards learning has always remained child-centric and holistic development of the students. The emphasis is towards less content and more towards real life understanding and learning-how to learn, how to think critically and solve problems, how to be creative, innovative, how to adapt, and absorb.

Skill-based subjects like Banking, Financial Literacy and Artificial Intelligence have been introduced in the Middle School level to make students proficient with new skills and prepare them for future challenges. By introducing Robotics, Astronomy and Space Education, the school envisions to help students develop a scientific temperament and be the trend setters in future.