Leadership programs are designed to train individuals within our premises to take ownership of the tasks required of them. Not only does it train students to be greater workers, but greater leaders as well. We encourage young leaders to learn to set goals, plan and work accordingly, foresee problems and take care of them, develop resourcefulness and courage to tackle unforeseen situations, acquire communication skills, understand people and learn to get along with them, learn to be sensitive to other’ opinions and respect them. Bulletin boards presenting well researched information in order to stimulate reflection, introspection and discussion, enrichment talks by experts; slide and film shows to enhance awareness, broaden the knowledge-base and stimulate thinking, followed by discussions and plans for active involvement are a regular feature of the years’ agenda. Children are made to realize the supreme value of a healthy environment. A clean, green environment supporting their activities and being supported by their action/behaviour. curbing of the following-waste, excessive greed and materialistic attitude is a part of the creation of the total, positive environment.