Classes IX to XII : The aim is to foster conceptual understanding and ignite curiosity, promote multilingualism and incorporate multidisciplinary learning and provide a joyous learning environment for the students. Encompassing a blend of curiosity, intelligence and creativity, the pedagogy of classes IX to XII incorporates the entire content mapped in the curriculum. The focus is to prepare students according to the CBSE curriculum. Result oriented teaching is imparted by experienced teachers targeting an excellent result. Students have the option to study any one language – French, German, Sanskrit or Hindi in classes IX and X. Humanities, Science and Commerce are the three academic streams offered in the school at +2 level. Students can choose subjects of their choice from a number of subjects (27) offered. The school is equipped with modern laboratories to impart practical knowledge. Unit tests form a part of the Formative Assessment and Term exams are a part of the Summative. Also, the internal assessment includes Quiz, Lab Practicals, ALS, Project work etc The students are assigned grades for co- scholastic assessment on a five point scale (A-E). The assessment is done for Life Skills, Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Attitudes and Values, Club Activities and Health and Physical activities.