Ms Deepa Chugh
At K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II, we offer a dynamic environment where each student is challenged and encouraged to become a critical and compassionate thinker, dedicated learner for life, a contributing member of the local and global community, showing respect and understanding for other cultures and acknowledging that others can be different and also right.

At KRM, we create a difference by our personalized approach towards teaching methods. Assessment, curriculum, teaching style and out-of-hours provision are all designed to discover and nurture the unique talents of each and every child. The school believes in a holistic approach to education with expert tutelage, creative freedom and inspiring innovation, being the key to molding students from core to advanced knowledge. The school envisages in building a vibrant and dynamic form of heritage through its varied art forms resulting in the ethos of appreciation of Visual and Performing arts and aesthetics in the school by using the art of thinking independently, together.

The school offers enrichment programmes to the talented students such as Aryabhatta, JSTSE, NTSE, Clash of PI, C.V Raman and CBSE Olympiads. These programs are aimed at providing challenging lessons and assignments to the bright students, thereby, fostering creativity and leadership skills in them. Additional educational services such as different approaches to teaching, the use of technology or a specifically adapted teaching area are provided to the students. All these measures are helping in filling the gap holes in the learning outcomes and are making the learning more effective.

A plethora of new subjects like Banking, Insurance, Entrepreneurship, ECCE, Legal Studies and Fashion Studies have been introduced in the Senior Secondary level which is helping the students explore their areas of interest, make the right choice and further see their dreams changing to reality.

Atal Tinkering Lab is a program run by Atal Innvoation Mission, under NITI Aayog to foster curiosity and innovative mindset in young students across India, to encourage research and innovations in school across the country. It is the matter of Pride that K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II has been selected as one of the 8878 schools for establishing ATL.

Career Counseling Workshops andIndividualized Career Counseling sessions are conducted for the Senior Secondary students. Through various community service projects, our students are developing a generous disposition and nurture ethical and moral values. It is making the students sensitive to the needs of the not so privileged community.

Keeping up with the Global Education Development Agenda, the school is moving beyond the classroom learning. Several Career Fairs and Leadership training programs are benefiting our students.

At KRM, the spirit of leadership comes not just from reading complex theories in voluminous books, it also comes from the ability to take initiatives. We provide a platform to the students to empower them in carrying out the school activities with poise and confidence. The children are involved in day to day activities like making constructive suggestions, organizing functions, organizing elections for Prefectorial board, being an active member of anti bullying committee, POCSO committee and Intra MUN.

We also push our students to see technology not just as an end, but also as potential means for bridging social and economic gaps.