The future demands for a way ahead from a mere accumulation of knowledge to developing skills for lifelong learning, keeping in sync with one's holistic growth. There has been a major shift in the field of education. It has been an endeavor to blend the intellectual and vocational along with the cultural, liberal aspects of education. The aim is to nurture in our students, the courage, the vision and the strength as they take charge of their lives.

Breaking the monotonous educational regime and embracing an ardent approach to overcome the hurdles in this ever-changing world, the curriculum is devised to promote a comprehensive learning which encourages broadening of horizons and manifestation of strengths and capabilities.K.R.Mangalam World School, G.K-II believes that adding a global perspective to the education system helps in developing a compassionate understanding globally, in our future forebearers. It instills the core values of inherent oneness as they learn by communicating, and collaboratingboth in classrooms and in the outer space.

Keeping up with the holistic objectives to develop cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional skills of all the learners, the school provides vitalizing experiences to help them identify their weaknesses, strengths and talents. Progressive in its approach, the school follows an experiential pedagogy and integrates technology into its educational practices at all levels.Our multi-faceted approach to the curriculum generates an understanding to collaborate and learn to work on themes and ideas that includes learning from nature and the real-life experiences, cutting across disciplines like social science, science, mathematics etc. The pedagogy helps them to connect between different disciplines and their relationship to the real world. It enhances their thinking abilities about why and how the experience is created and this comprises of Experience, Reflection, Thought and Performance. The students embrace with wholeheartedness the challenges on the path of self-discovery.