Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts programme is equally vibrant – it encompasses a wide variety of disciplines ranging from the bravado and elegance of theatre and dance to the subtle intricacies of our own Hindustani music, as well as Western musical instruments and teaching methodology. Each of the Performing Arts classes provides students with the opportunity to engage with their mind, body and emotions. As such, they are powerful educational tools that help children develop skills such as creativity, problem solving, communication, social skills and critical thinking. In practice, this has led to students in the programme taking up leading responsibilities such as event and team management in the many events throughout the year. Such skills are essential for success at every level: in the classroom, at the workplace and in life.

Constructivist teachers help students to construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world. These teachers encourage students to constantly assess how the activity is helping them gain understanding. This gives KRM students ever-broadening tools to keep learning. Performing arts being an integral part of education provide students with the opportunity to engage the mind, the body, and emotions. Students can explore and express great themes and ideas through their performance. This allows children to develop their self- confidence and self- belief. Students eagerly look forward to these classes where they can advance their training in performing arts.

Performing and visual arts are key elements of a nation’s cultural heritage and are a core curriculum area in education enabling students to express ideas, emotions and experiences through means other than language. The Performing Arts curriculum encompassing Indian and Western dance and music as well as theatre has been shaped with a vision of enabling and encouraging our students to engage in the creative, expressive and responsive processes of the arts throughout their lives. It aims at giving the students a strong foundation in the cultural history, knowledge and technical skills of dance/ music/ theatre so that our students sustain a meaningful, lifelong relationship with performing arts – as artists or as enthusiasts.

Visual Arts

At, K.R Mangalam World School, visual art classes are designed to foster artistic expression and creativity in its students. We have devised a plan to enable the learner to escalate beauty in elite forms. Students on the campus draw on a wide range of stimuli. The school sensitizes the students towards aesthetic sensibility.

The visual Arts are an expression of creativity and imagination. Children are encouraged to enhance their individual thoughts, visualization and are trained to effectively interpret their ideas and events on canvas. We aim not just at evolving artists but infusing in each child an aesthetic sense and appreciation of beauty in life and surroundings. The wide range of activities include – Fine Arts/Craft Work/Clay modelling / Sculpture / Best out of waste / S.U.P.W etc.

The Visual Arts are an expression of creativity and imagination. It is an outlet for individual thought, visualization exploration of inner creativity, expression of imagination and interpretation of ideas, events and environment. Exposure to art and craft activities adds color, joy and beauty to the lives of the students enhancing their creativity and self expression.

At KRM, art thrives in its visual and performing forms, encompassing a diverse range of activities and modes of expression. We believe in providing students with an art education that gives them an opportunity to understand their legacy and combine it with a vision of the future. In addition to helping students nurture a passion for specific arts and crafts, we inculcate aesthetic appreciation and creativity within them resulting in a refinement of the senses and a desire to conserve one’s heritage and environment. More importantly, the Arts curriculum is designed so as to integrate with other subjects in addition to the development of artistic skills and life skills (such as empathy, problem solving, decision making, etc.). Students are not merely exposed to different forms of art ranging from folk to contemporary along with their cultural and historical significance but also able to demonstrate their skills in or aptitude for a variety of tools, techniques and materials.


We, at K.R Mangalam World School, G.K II lay great importance on sports as a means of both physical and mental development of a child. A competitive spirit coupled with self discipline and sound health, forms the motto of our sports activities. Sports events like athletics, Volley ball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Cricket, indoor games like chess, Carom from an integral part of the sports curriculum of the school.

Apart from learning the intricacies of various games, sports and physical education, the students develop stamina & endurance that is so essential to be able to get away from a sedentary way of life and develop the spirit of sportsmanship. The Physical Education Department consists of a team of dedicated teachers who specialists in their filed and are responsible for the implementation of the day-to-day sports programme. Besides the regular games periods on the timetables for all classes, there are early morning and after school coaching sessions in athletics, Cricket, Basketball and Football. The school provides ample opportunities for the students to discover and develop their athletic and sporting talents to achieve international recognition. Students gain knowledge about various fitness regime, body workout, injury prevention and their rehabilitation, strength and conditioning of human body and required nutritional level.

To enhance and build amazing physical, mental and tactical discipline, a varied range of indoor and outdoor games are introduced right from pre-primary levels. Students are counseled and inspired to choose one or more areas of sports. Indoor games like Carom, Table Tennis and Chess are also pursued with equal fervor. Inter class and Inter House Competitions are organized on a regular basis to inculcate a healthy and competitive spirit. Such competitions help to generate camaraderie between students, a sense of competitiveness, brotherhood, discipline, positive attitude and very importantly, the fact that losing is as significant as winning. Intra and inter- house competitions help spot and nurture talent. School teams represent school in various categories in inter-school, district level, state level and national level tournaments.

Puppetry and Creative Expression

Puppetry encompasses the essential elements of all art forms such as –drama / theatre, sketching, drawing, sculpting, carving, molding, painting, storytelling, story board, scripting, literature, dress designing, music, dance, that facilitates students to build up creative aptitude.

Puppets with the body movements become a medium of expressing emotions and thoughts. It is often assumed that puppetry is only meant for very young children however that is not true. Puppetry is a powerful creative medium for people of all ages. There are no limits to what one can do with puppetry which makes it an ideal medium to explore imagination. The amount of dexterity and coordination required enhances new motor skills that boost communication and confidence.

The conviction concerning the necessity of the use of puppets in the educational process has recently been gaining more and more professional and public support in school, colleges and universities in India. Puppetry is also being recognised as a basic for film animation, animatronics and special effects in mass media.

From our rich traditional puppetry forms to our contemporary explorations with this art, the range of creative expression and story telling are reaching new heights. This creative multi- faceted medium also finds its application in therapy and counselling, science communication as well as a teaching pedagogy.