Career Counseling
Our Department of Career and Guidance helps every student to explore possibilities – ones that go in tandem with their respective skills and abilities. This not only exposes them to a wide range of opportunities – both in India and abroad – but also helps them choose the right universities and guides them in the college application filling process. Reputed universities from India and abroad regularly visit the campus – in the process, opening up a world of opportunities for every student.

Career Fair
A Career Fair in collaboration with KIC UnivAssist for Grade 11 and 12 students is organised every year in the school. Renowned universities like California Baptist University, Florida International University, Ohio University, UCLA,University Of Chicago and many others participate and expound the benefits that they may reap. Representatives from twenty prestigious universities and institutions across United States guide the students about the different career opportunities that can be pursued. The Fair provides an opportunity for students to interact with top-ranked universities from the United States to get all the assistance they need to study abroad